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Nano Science for SKIN




AMF 특허인증

AMF 특허인증



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  • 1. What is AMF?

  • AMF stands for Artificial Moisturizing Factor which is complex Nano particle structure having strong moisture absorption ability

  • 2. What is the background of development of AMF?

  • NMF that keeps moisture in skin is destroyed as time goes by that lacks of moisture retention ability. Thus, we developed a material that replaces the role of NMF. That is AMF. AMF is not destroyed by time and keeps moisture in skin for 120 hours.

  • 3. What are functions of AMF?

  • Water Wrap120hrs+++ AMF(TM) is artificial moisturizing factor composed of silica complex Nano particle (application no.: 10-2014-0058013). AMFTM with strong moisture absorption bonds moisture and material powerfully to form moisture film and to penetrate deep into dry skin to keep 120 hours of skin moisture with reinforcing skin barrier

  • 4. What is the clinical test institute of AMF?

  • International Research Services, Inc. (IRSI) is a non-listed clinical research company established in 1977 by CEO and president Steven Schwartz and it is clinical test institute selected by world top beauty brands such as Lancome, Biotherm, Shu Uemura, Kiehl, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder. IRSI is a leader of bio-physical analysis on the safety and efficacy of cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry especially dermatology analyzing the effect of products on skin. And, IRSI also has an extensive experience of other clinical indication phase I~IV Rx and OTC test experience including acid indigestion, diabetes, weight loss, constipation, cold / cough, non-smoking, infant safety test and smell threshold tolerance. Our partner, BIOalternatives IRSI is the only US company that provides test tube and bio effectiveness program. Such factors give more in-depth value of experience to customers.

  • 5. Who makes AMF?

  • It’s IMINE. Established in 2006, IMINE is mask sheet and patch production company to produce effective cosmetics based on natural material science and is currently top 1 preference company of OEM/ODM both domestically and internationally

  • 6. What products do you develop?

  • If you leave online inquiry in the site, our sales staff will check and contact you shortly.